{can you tell my lack of motivation for a compelling post title? i went the straightforward route}

one of my biggest indecisions for the nursery is a rug. it has to be a reasonable price (i’m sure my reasonable is different than others’ reasonable) and obviously cute. and preferably comfy, either on it’s own or with a rug pad underneath (not jute, hate jute. have jute in my living room).

in my hunt i’ve come across lots that could work with my wish list above, hence my indecision. i’ve only viewed these online so far, but hope to look at a few in person this weekend to test the comfiness. while i am looking at these for my nursery, these would work anywhere – in fact, i might need to buy two or three of these (which would help in my indecision) to also outfit my living and dining rooms that desperately need a new rug (living room) or a rug in general (dining room).

orange we{west elm iznik dhurrie, 5’x8′ $249, 8’x10′ $479}

orange stripe{west elm gradiated-stripe, 5’x8′ $99, 8’x10′ $229}

gray we{west elm adalusia dhurrie, 5’x8′ $249, 8’x10′ $479}

dwell{dwell studio draper stripe, 5’x8′ $250 (found for $200 on amazon), 8’x10′ $450}

dash stripe{dash and albert trimaran stripe, 6’x9′ $298, 8’6″x11′ $514}

grey stripe{crate and barrel olin grey, 5’x8′ $149, 8’x10′ $299}

ikea{ikea stockholm rand, 5’7″x7’10” $199, 8’2″x11’6″ $349}

blue morrocan{rugs usa moroccan trellis, 5’x8′ $282, 7.5’x9.5′ $488 (+50% off right now)}

black and white zigzag{rugs usa chevron, 5’3″x7’9″ $106, 7’10″x10’10” $215 (+50% off right now)}

blue cheveron{rugs usa homespun chevron, 5’x8′ $288, 6’x9′ $385, 7.5’x9.5′ $506 (+50% off right now)}

thoughts? anyone have any experience with any of these? help! right now i am leaning towards the two orange west elms, the dash and albert navy blue stripe or the navy chevron for the nursery. i think first i have to decide what size i need…

(and seriously, i really need more than one but i guess i have to have priorities, and now it’s the nursery. but then the living room by the time the babe can sit up and play on the floor.)



3 thoughts on “rugs!

  1. Oh I can’t even imagine all the nursery choices you have to make. I looked for a bedroom rug for probably 3 months before deciding on West Elm’s andalusia dhurrie in grey. I really like it but not sure if it would be good for what you want. It’s thin but I bought a pad to go under it. However, it is rough and kinda scratchy so it is not really suitable for when he gets older and will play on it. But, I still love it for us so I recommend it- just not in a nursery.
    I think with the sailing motif, I like the chevron because it’s kinda like waves! But stripes are classic….. aahhh good luck!

    • thanks for your thoughts! yeah, i went to west elm this weekend and had the same thoughts about their dhurries – love them, but they aren’t suitable for a nursery or a living room where a baby would sit and crawl on. but would still work in my dining room!

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