1. today i’ve had cereal for breakfast, an english muffin with cinnamon and sugar for a snack and oatmeal with a side of cereal for dinner. i don’t think my breakfast cravings have decreased yet.

2. looks what’s out already! danger.

cadbury eggs

3. i love the oscars. i think i love the red carpet more than the show though. i watched the entire e news coverage (can’t wait for fashion police tomorrow night). but what is that awful noise during the show? it was happening last award show too. tres annoying.

4. i love beck so so much, he is too cute. i know he will not enjoy his little brother at first (he is afraid of all new things, really hates to share and is quite spoiled now), but i really really hope they become besties.


5. ryan and i bought a 2,000 piece puzzle a week ago. i’ve spent numerous hours on it already. i may be neglecting the blog due to it. i love puzzles.

6. look what i started today:


henry’s faux chenille blanket. i added his initial to it, love it. one hour in (after trimming the fabric and adding the h) i’m done with ten lines (of ninety million?) and have used the seam ripper already. it will be worth it though.

hope you have a good week! i’m off to work on the puzzle while watching the oscars…(oooh, octavia spencer just won! l.o.v.e her dress tonight)



3 thoughts on “miscellaneous

  1. I love Robin Eggs!! Bought a bag of them and brought them directly to the Conroy’s so I wouldn’t pig out. Wish we could hang and watch the Oscars together!!!!

  2. I’m so glad Henry will have the pleasure of enjoying that ‘labor intensive’ faux chenille blanket!! I remember being amazed at the one you made for little Jillian. Henry will love it! Love the idea of putting the H on it as well. For someone who says she doesn’t have a lot of energy, you put the rest of us to shame with what you accomplish. Love you!

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