leap day

happy leap day – i think? i’m not sure how or why leap day exists, but for me this leap day was a day to

enjoy the gorgeous weather (hope it’s here to stay as soon i won’t be able to button/zip my winter coat)


by taking a walk through the city (to see the most amazing walgreens – seriously.  check it out at state and randolph),


eating a delicious fro-yo from said walgreens, made non-healthy with all my toppings,

fro yo

and getting home from work to try on my new *pink* maternity jeans (hoping they fit and i don’t look huge since i need some trendy fashion in my life to feel some-what normal).

pink jeans

hope you’ve had a great day!




5 thoughts on “leap day

    • so fancy! so trendy. i saw some non-maternity colored jeans at target and was so jealous, and had to buy these when i saw them. just tried them on and they fit! they’re not as skinny as i like below the knee, but i’ll either live with it or sew them tighter. and–hate you! it’s back to coldness already.

  1. omg those pants wouldn’t even look good on me EVER and i’m not preggers! i wanna see a pic of you in the new pants! i can’t even FIT into the target pants – i saw them too….so adorable! what cute pregnant momma you are!

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