week 24 {maternity book}

week 24

week 24 is over! 15 weeks left. yipee!



6 thoughts on “week 24 {maternity book}

  1. Very cute but are you shamelessly promoting your work for IBOT with your T-shirt? At first I thought it was the title of a book,, “I’ll Love You Forever” by Munsch (I think). Either way, you look great! Looking forward to next weekend!

    • ha! no, i actually got the shirt at an art show – they had other state ones as well. it’s currently my favorite shirt because of the saying (because of the book), it’s so comfy and it still fits.

  2. When I was pregnant, one of my favorite things to do when I got home from work was to just slide the stretchy panel of my pants down over my belly and just watch Baby roll around. Loved it! p.s. You look so great!!

    • it is very cool and weird! i don’t know how much time i’ve spent looking at my stomach – i find myself doing it in meetings at work even (through my clothes, otherwise – awkward). thank you!

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