beck’s sleeping places {part one}

it’s no secret i love my first born dog, beck. i spoil him. i can’t help it. i love him and his tiny head. and his big eyes. and his nose. and his wrinkles. and his cuddles. and how i find him sleeping in the cutest places and positions ever (not counting between my legs – his favorite, or on a pillow on the couch or bed – because just the couch or bed isn’t good enough)

eyes{the paw under the face! those eyes! (on a pillow on a bed)}

couch{balanced on top of the office couch back}

laundry{on top of the clean laundry pile (oh the shame. this is what happens to our laundry until we have the motivation to fold it)}

bed{seriously?! not staged. seriously.}

omg i love him. (sometimes it scares me to think about how much i’ll love my human child if i love my dog child this much.)

more to come of sir preciousness (because he sleeps a lot and of course i photograph it)



5 thoughts on “beck’s sleeping places {part one}

  1. Adorable, even his little snore… I may have another grand doggy soon if Jenna adopts Zuri – a little beagle stray that has one blue and one brown eye. So cute and you’ll be an Aunt!!

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