book love

if you know me, you know i’m a book worm. one major factor in my purse buying decision making is if a book can fit in it. i always have a book on me and you will find me reading anytime i’m idle – i don’t do idle.

i tend to stick with fiction, usually crime thrillers, sometimes ‘chick lit’, and a lot of the time i read the same authors, as i follow a lot of them and thus always have a new book in a series to read (lee child, jonathan kellerman, james patterson, michael connelly, janet evanovich, harlan coben, just to name a few).

i don’t often recommend books, as because of the above i usually always love the books i read and i don’t feel i’m a good judge for ‘stand outs’ (although i probably would pick lee child’s jack reacher series my all time favorite – but that’s only if you twist my arm really really hard). but i loved the book i just finished and i had to share. perhaps it stood out because it was out of my norm, as it was non-fiction and a new author. but i think it was because it was superbly written, and it was story of heartbreak but also of love and hope.

where you left me cover

where you left me, by jennifer gardner trulson, was such a great read. the story gripped me, had me crying on the el (perhaps not the best book to read while pregnant and emotional, but let’s be honest, i would have cried non-pregnant too). over 10 years later 9/11 is still felt, still remembered – as it always will be – jennifer’s husband died that day,  and this is her story of her devastation, her husband’s memory, and how she picked back up the pieces of her life.

read it. and perhaps cry in public like i did. (but really, it’s not all sad! trust)

(i do want to note that there are several – perhaps too many – negative reviews that are based on jennifer being wealthy, and not grieving the “right” way. there is no right way, and just because she has money doesn’t mean losing her husband wasn’t devastating. this was her honest story of love and loss- i.e. a memoir. [end rant])



One thought on “book love

  1. Thanks for the book suggestions! I need to get to the library for some new reads, now I’ll know what to get!!

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