ruffles and appliques: burp cloths

burp cloths! one of my favorite baby gifts to give for a touch of personalization. someone in my office recently gave birth to a gorgeous little lady, tallulah (tilly), and i made her some pretty burp cloths to up the style of her spit up.

(edited to add: i forgot to mention that the base of these burp cloths are the gerber premium 6-ply cloth diapers, which have been given two thumbs up for use as a burp cloth – and what me and my siblings grew up using)

every girl needs some ruffles, so ruffles it was, made out of a pink and white striped jersey fabric from my stash (jersey fabric is great for ruffles since the edges won’t fray). the ruffles were made following the same steps as the ruffles from my ‘think pink’ burp cloths:

sew down middle{using the longest stitch, sew down middle of fabric strip – do not back stitch}

pull thread{gently pull one of the threads to gather the fabric. my back side thread worked best}

pin and sew{pin ruffles to fabric, sew down middle of ruffle – backstitching at beginning and end}



i also tried my hand at appliques for the first time, and i will definitely be doing it again – easy and i love the outcome.

(note: steps pictured are for a different project, but it’s the same idea)

supplies needed: fabric for design, heat n bond, design and fabric the applique is being applied to

heat n bond{this is the heat n bond i used – ultra. it says to not sew, which is great since it eliminates a step. but if you do want to sew around the design for extra strength, i did and it was just fine.}

trace your desired design onto paper side of the heat n bond. if it’s something that needs to go in a certain direction – i.e. a letter or word – make sure it’s printed/drawn backwards.


iron heat n bond design to back side of design fabric, paper side up.


cut out design.

cut out

peel off paper from  backside, position on fabric and iron. viola!



i used the same technique for the last burp cloth, although my fabric was my design (so i just ironed on a piece of heat n bond large enough to cover the design to the fabric,  cut around the edges, peeled the paper off and then ironed the applique to the burp cloth).


for some reason i was having issues with the applique adhering in places to the burp cloth (i really don’t know why), so i did sew around the perimeter of the applique using a zig zag stitch (i like to use white thread so the stitches blend in on the opposite side).


the pretty trio:

burp cloths

all packaged up:

burp cloths

and there you have it. burp cloths that are not only functional but pretty too.

it was fun to step away from the boy mindset that i’ve been in for the past couple months since finding out i was having a boy. i can’t say that i’m not a tiny bit jealous i can’t enjoy flowers and ruffles myself – but that’s what future kiddos are for (hopefully) 🙂


p.s. for more burp cloth inspiration, see here, here and here


5 thoughts on “ruffles and appliques: burp cloths

  1. Henry might really like ruffles. You could do some green ruffles (think grass) and then iron on some baseballs, footballs, etc to make it manly.
    You will be plenty busy making us some pink ruffle burp cloths if we have a little girl 🙂
    THis whole post made me think of my piano teacher, Tilly Tan. My dad always used to called me Tilly. lol.

    • inventive idea….but i just can’t do ruffles for boys. i will just have to hope for a daughter one day (and of course i would hook you up should you have one!)

  2. It amazes me what you can think to do with burp cloths!! You and your sibs had only the plain old boring white ones. You guys didn’t seem to mind though.

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