keepin it real

this is the state of our house right now. i thought i’d share in case you want to feel good about your house. i’m not a neat freak like ryan claims he is (he’ll be the first to tell you that i am the opposite), but it’s driving even me nuts.

ceilingi place 70% of the blame on the waterfall leak in the nursery closet ceiling we had over a month ago (plus of renting: we don’t have to fix it. negative of renting: it takes forever). a week after letting them know about the leak they finally stopped it, but here we are, again, a month later, and we still have no ceiling. and thus no closet to store all the baby gear we’ve starting amassing.

officethe office is the temporary holding place for all the junk that was in the nursery closet before. the plus side of the leak is it forced us to clean out the closet, which we needed to do. but we still haven’t found a home for all of this yet.

nurserynurseryso the painting of the nursery walls is still not completed. but the headboard is moved out – improvement. once the mattress and box spring are moved to the basement i can finally check that off my list. and look! the crib and crib mattress arrived! ….and then there’s the other side of the room – a mess of fabrics, in-progress blanket and a mess of…a mess. oy.

boxeshighchairtablestrollerwelcome to our dining room…if you can call it that. more like storage locker. one corner holds two strollers, a bathtub and diapers…another has the highchair (that we just couldn’t wait to put together, i love it)…and another has a swing and toy waiting for assembly and use. at dinnertime you can find us eating around the pile of baby gifts on the table.

cleaning up the above messes is only part of my lengthy to do list. and my deadline is looming:


weekend goals: finish painting the nursery. huge ikea trip for storage pieces (dresser and bookcase) and miscellaneous . and hopefully setting up the crib! (and possibly an email to the landlord about when to expect a ceiling…)



4 thoughts on “keepin it real

  1. Wow, and I thought we were the only ones living in squalor. No respite when you come to visit us. As you know, we’re living in an even bigger mess due to the remodelling. I don’t have the courage to post pictures like you do. It’s hard enough allowing Jordan’s friends into our mess They’re teenagers, though. They probably don’t even notice. (Jordan’s bedroom looks like a tornado ripped through it and it’s not affected by the remodellng).
    Sure hope that landlord of yours takes some action. Did you send him pictures in your e-mail??

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