this weekend is easter already. how did that happen?

below are some fun easter egg and decoration ideas i’ve rounded up for you (and by you i mean myself, via pinterest, but chances are i will not be trying any of these out this year. perhaps next year when i actually have a child to do motherly things for like decorate for a holiday such as easter.)

dye your eggs vibrant colors with kids’ favorite drink – kool-aid (ice blue raspberry is the best flavor, thankyouverymuch)

kool aid eggsvia

hunt down some old silk ties in your dad/husband’s closet or buy for cheap at a thrift store and add some great ikat-like patterns to your eggs

silk tie eggsvia

add a modern look to your eggs with neon food dye, clean lines and ombre patterns

modern eggsvia

put all your eggs in one basket – an easy no glue/no fastener diy grapevine basket


grow your own wheatgrass for a fresh and bright spring addition to the table

wheat grassvia

if you try any of these out, please let me know! i’m especially excited to see if kool-aid dying really works (because i still love kool-aid. yes, i really may be a kid still)…



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