weekend recap {easter}

howdy. it’s monday, yuck. my stomach’s not feeling that great at the moment, yuck. and i’m officially over pregnancy. the past couple days have been rough with ribs that ache, general uncomfortableness and henry beating my insides all day today, yuck.

but we’re not here to talk about the awfulness of mondays, are we. we’re here to look a pics and talk about how the weekend was a good one as far as weekends go, and of course how it went by too fast.

friday we had dinner out with friends at one of our favorite places, three aces. the chef, a friend of friends, makes a mean rapini pesto pizza  (served on a stump platter – awesome) and goat cheese with peach and vanilla bruschetta (my choices – and everyone else thoroughly enjoyed their picks).



saturday was filled with errands, cake making, sewing projects and a bbq at our house, which included a dose of baby cuteness and testing out henry’s high chair.

jack{mmm, beer}

jack high chair

easter sunday was spent in the burbs at my parents, where we enjoyed church, sunshine  (i got a sunburn!) with trampoline fun, a delicious meal cooked by my mom and a seriously yummy cake made by moi.


eggs{jordan’s gorgeous eggs}


trampoline{trampoline pics are my fave}


crown pork roast

potato dressing{potato dressing = heaven}


hope you had a good one!



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