storybook baby shower

a couple weekends ago we had our first baby shower ever, in st. louis (at my sister-in-law’s gorgeous house), thrown by my awesome sister-in-law and mother-in-law. it was perfect and such a great way to celebrate our baby-to-be, henry, and it was wonderful seeing the family and friends who were so generous in their gifts for henry.

my sister-in-law chose a storybook theme, which was carried through the invitations to decorations to food to asking people to bring their own favorite childhood book. it was such a perfect theme for me, since you know i love reading, and i’m so excited to read to my son every night like i was as a child. now we have a great start to henry’s library! books provided decorations on the table, as well as on a garland, and of course the decorations weren’t complete without a diaper cake (and some simple, beautiful tulips)! all the food was homemade by sarah and my mother-in-law and was delicious, and fit the theme with some creative titles.

of course there’s a bajillion photos so i could remember all the details.




diaper cake

poufs and hosts








ryan jimmy




toy table



stuck book

stuck blanket



us and jimmy


mike and ryan


nose kiss


jess jimmy

beck jimmy

the shower ‘game’ wasn’t a game at all, but rather a wonderful activity that we’ll get to enjoy for the next 18 years. i had never seen it before, and i loved it.


instructionsthe cards read: dear henry stuckenschneider, below is a little advice that should correspond with the birthday listed on the envelope. please follow the advice as it was written by a very wise family member or friend of your parents at your baby shower on march 24, 2012.

ryannumbered 1 though 18, the envelopes and cards were passed amongst the guests for them to write advice for henry to correspond with the number/age on the envelope. on his birthday, henry will open the envelope that corresponds to his age and read the advice. how cute is that?! (now i just have to remember them on his birthday :))

there was so much thought and effort put into  the shower, ryan and i are so grateful for the hosts, as well as the generous attendees. as i said in my maternity book, it’s so great to know that our little boy is so loved already.


ry and fam

bumps{my sister-in-law is also newly pregnant with her second! our little bambinos will be only about four months apart. i can’t believe she had the energy to throw a shower in her first trimester, with an 18 month old to chase around. she’s a strong, brave woman :)}

ry and i



8 thoughts on “storybook baby shower

  1. what i cute shower!! love the book idea! my mom has gotten each of us girls a book from our childhood each christmas and it is so fun to re-read them every year! congrats again on baby boy!! and you too, sarah!!

  2. Do you know (or can you please find out) where the little cupcake storybook toothpicks came from?? Thanks so much!!:)

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