diy kitchen pantry

moving into our apartment, my biggest concern was the lack of storage space in the kitchen. after putting our ikea expedit bookcase in the kitchen and a storage rack on the back porch, we still lacked space. my first big project, and favorite (besides the in-progress nursery), for the house was my dresser-turned-kitchen-island. it added much needed storage space, but even still, more storage was needed (that shows how little space there was to begin with, as well as how much food and gadgets we have).

our nephew visiting over thanksgiving helped push us to complete our latest project. during his stay, he would visit the bookcase, grab miscellaneous food items stored there and move them to wherever pleased him. knowing we were having a kid who would be mobile one day and likely do the same exact thing,Β  we created a plan for a freestanding pantry so i would be able to bake without searching the house for ingredients (and to eliminate the clutter atop the fridge and bookcase).





it’s very large, and offers tons of much needed space. even so, it’s full already, and we will need to shuffle things around in the kitchen once the baby comes to make way for bottles, sippy cups, and all that good stuff. and it’s so great to be able to close the door to hide all the clutter – and hide all the food from baby hands.


once built, the inside was painted a standard white and the outside was painted with chalkboard paint, which we love. we have fun with the chalkboard, keeping track of must-eat-before-we-leave-the-city restaurants,


dinners for the week,


and a countdown till d-day.

countdown(these pictures were taken a month ago, oops!)

and that about closes the book on our kitchen updates! if you count the shelving on the porch, we’ve added four storage pieces to the kitchen alone. we always joke that after we leave with all our storage, the people who rent the apartment after us will be in quite a shock.

have you had to come up with storage solutions lately? or have you experienced the fun of chalkboard paint too?


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