nursery updates (and a quick weekend recap)

howdy! how was your weekend? mine was great, apart from not getting much sleep for miscellaneous reasons (i know, i know – just wait until the baby’s here. heard that before ;)). ryan and i spent the most time together alone since i don’t even know when. it was the entire weekend folks – not even an errand was run alone (i’m surprised we are still talking, ha! kidding, sort of) we had two dates – seeing the hunger games friday night (loved, already can’t wait for the second) and dinner out on saturday, at ryan’s dad’s favorite rib place that we had never been to (twin anchors). nursery projects were worked on and we also squeezed in some time at the dog park for beck.

speaking of nursery projects, with 7 1/2 weeks left (eek!) i suppose i owe a nursery update. let’s revisit the to-do list from 2 months ago with the progress made:

decisions to make/things to buy

  • decide on and order crib (holy moly i canโ€™t make a decision on this. but my self-imposed deadline to order is feb 15)

crib{babyletto modo crib, ordered from overstock}

  • decide on and order glider

gliderlove, love, love!

glider(it’s the benji glider recliner by best chairs, ordered at twinkle twinkle little one, upholstered in a fabulous dark gray thick linen-like fabric with matching piping)

  • find rug and order:ย  i have made a decision, but haven’t ordered it yet. soon! just praying for a west elm rug sale or shipping sale.
  • buy a dresser (i have had my eye on the edland dresser at ikea for months now) (will also be used as a changing table) (paint?): edland dresser purchased and assembled! not painting, for now.

dresser close up

  • find fabric and order- this will finally determine the color scheme
  • choose light gray paint color: benjamin moore “bunny gray”, and the painting is done




after(it’s so hard to photograph. in real life, it’s a little lighter. gray is soooo much better than beige!)

(also purchased and hung drapes, purchased and assembled bookcase, and bought miscellaneous items including storage bins, a poster, frames…)

things to make

  • sheets: if i have time, i will try to make a sheet. but otherwise i have registered for sheets. (i never found sheet fabric i loved outside of plain fabric, which isย  so much easier to buy)
  • bed skirt

crib skirtit’s very hard to photograph – the crib gets in the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

pleat(i love and am so impressed with my box pleat)

side view


  • bumper (it will complete the look, but i know it has to come out of the crib until sids risk is over.) i’m crossing this off even though i have one final step left – hand sewing them closed.ย  or maybe i shouldn’t cross this off just yet…
  • boppy pillow cover(s) (need a boppy pillow!)
  • mobile (or buy from etsy)
  • burp cloths
  • blanket: faux chenille blanket done, customized with his initial. t-shirt blanket is in the works! (translation: we have the t-shirts, now i have to make it)


blanket back

blanket close up

  • pennant banner
  • pillow(s)
  • art

progress has been made, and it looks like a nursery now, but it still needs the finishing touches – mainly the rug and things on the wall (and some registry items). i can’t lie – i spend way too much time staring at the nursery from the doorway, and sitting in the glider now that we have it. it’s just so crazy to think of our little henry home in his nursery in about two months or less.

more to come!



10 thoughts on “nursery updates (and a quick weekend recap)

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  3. Hi Justine i love your nursery! we actually ordered this chair yesterday and i came home and tried googling pictures of it to see if anyone else had decided to go with the matching piping and i came across your post ๐Ÿ™‚ i was just wondering if the fabric you chose was through best chairs or if you had it upholstered somewhere else? we weren’t really ecstatic about the fabric choices we had at the store we ordered from but im wondering if there are other choices through best chairs that i wasnt aware of? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!


    • thanks for stopping by ashley. the fabric choice was offered through the store we ordered it from, and i believe it was through best chairs, as the store sent the order to best chairs, and best chairs sent us a larger fabric sample for confirmation. when i looked through the fabric samples my first ‘just looking’ trip, i didn’t even notice the small-size sample of the fabric we ended up choosing. only when we went in to order the chair and we saw a sample chair the store just got in in the fabric did we love the fabric – the 3 in square sample did nothing for it. if you happened to like my fabric, the number on the sample from best chairs says “31213” – if that means anything to you/them. ๐Ÿ™‚ i have to say that we are very very happy with the glider. good luck!

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  5. Love the crib skirt! I am looking for one exactly like that for our baby’s nursery and I am having no luck. Any chance this is something you are making/selling? I can’t even find the fabric with stripping that wide at the stores in my area. Best, April

      • Love the bed skirt. I have the same crib and wasn’t sure a skirt would work with it’s low profile but really want something to add color and pattern since I’m not using a bumper. Thanks for the pics! Did you use a particular pattern for the skirt and sheet or did you make your own?

        • thanks, claire. even though the skirt is semi-hidden, you can still see a good deal of it and it’s a great way to bring in a great fabric. i did a google search for bed skirt tutorials and ended up mashing together a couple of them to make my own – unfortunately i didn’t save the tutorials i used, sorry!

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