henry’s nursery {the reveal}

stick a fork in it, it’s finally done. i’ve shown you bits and pieces, from progress pics to project posts, but now it’s the big reveal.

here’s what we were starting with. a small, beige box. not normally this messy, or in the middle of a paint job, but i forgot to take pics of the guest bedroom acting as a guest bedroom.




my to-do list was quite long, but i’ve finished every last thing, even projects not the list, except for a mobile. (who needs a mobile anyway?)

if you remember my inspiration board, i was headed towards a nautical ‘overtone’. accents

i didn’t end up getting an anchor in the room, but i have plenty of stripes and a couple whales.

come on in!

from door

from door

crib corner



whale poster


pennant banner

orange seersucker


from closet

dresser area







henry art

i love it. i could probably tweak it forever (like the placement of the pennant banners – still not sure about those), but i’m at the point where i’m done. over perfecting it. i’ve loved creating this nursery for my little man, but i’m just ready for him to be here now. hopefully i won’t have to wait long – the countdown to d day is only 7 days now (yippee & yikes).


wall color: bunny gray by benjamin moore
crib: babyletto modo, from overstock
crib bumpers: diy (blue seersucker from joann fabrics, orange seersucker from fabric.com)
crib skirt: diy (navy blue and white striped fabric from tonic living)
side table: owned; diy dipped legs
glider: benji glider recliner by best chairs, ordered at twinkle twinkle little one
dresser: edland from ikea (unfortunately apparently discontinued)
whale poster: society6
orange striped rug: west elm
bookcase: expedit from ikea
pillows: diy
henry art: diy (tutorial to come)
gray storage bins: container store
tray on dresser: salvation army, repurposed

update: i’ve had several emails/comments asking me about how i liked the best chair benji glider, what fabric it is, how does it clean, etc.  i wanted to put the answers here in case others have the same question.

what is the fabric? i do not know the fabric name, but the sample i have from the manufacturer says “31213”. hope this helps!

how does it clean? i use it all the time for nursing, and sometimes reading books, but other than the occasional spit up, nothing comes on it that would stain it. the spit up has wiped up pretty well with just some water right away. i did scotch guard it when i got it (though i should probably do another application).

how do i like it? i love it! as i mentioned above, i use it all the time and am so glad i bought it. when henry was younger i didn’t always nurse him in it, but now that he is highly distractable when nursing, i nurse him every feeding in it, which is four times per day right now and it’s very comfortable. while it’s not the most modern design on the market, the fabric choice, tight back and same color piping help it look clean-lined. i sat in several other more modern designs and they just weren’t as comfy. when you sit in it for hours a day (and in the middle of the night!) comfort is king. i initially wanted no recliner and an ottoman, but ryan got his way and we got the recliner version 🙂 i put up the foot rest while i nurse, though i don’t put it in recline ever – i just think some sort of foot rest is key, whether it’s an ottoman or the recliner version.

let me know if you have any other questions!

(also want to give a shout out to my mother-in-law and ryan’s grandpa for helping make this possible, financially. we’re very lucky!)

linked to: southern lovely

featured on: buy modern baby blog (thanks for the wonderful feature!)


32 thoughts on “henry’s nursery {the reveal}

  1. i was looking up blue seersucker banners and stumble upon your post- Your room is so similar to my baby boys! i used blue seersucker and navy as well- LOVE it! did you make your banner? I’m trying to find one for his first birthday

    • thanks for your note! i did make the banners. i made a triangle template, cut out lots of triangles from leftover fabric using the template and sewed two pieces of triangle together along the long sides (right sides out). then i used pre-made double fold bias binding to put them together – pinned the sewn triangles to the inside of the binding and sewed along the binding. i suppose the triangles didn’t even need to have double fabric, but it added some weight to them.

  2. Wow! LOVE the nursery! You did a beautiful job, Justine. We’re beyond pleased to see that our Modo crib made the cut. Off to post your project on our facebook page!

    xx the Babyletto Team

  3. Hi Justine. Such a lovely nursery! May I ask where you bought the navy changing pad cover? It looks like terry cloth, and I’ve been looking for something similar. Thanks!

  4. The nursery looks great! You did an amazing job. I am working on my son’s nursery and also like the nautical look but don’t want to make the room look too “theme-y”. Your room has given me lots of inspiration. I was wondering if you could share where you got the basket beside the crib–i love it. Also, the tray with the diapers on it, did you make that too? It’s very cute.

    • thanks for the note carrie. i got the basket at home goods, but unfortunately it was a few years ago. i know they are still a great basket source, but haven’t seen this exact basket there recently. i did actually refurbish the tray, i got it at goodwill – diy to come 🙂 good luck and congrats to you!

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  6. Ummm … wow. I’m truly so impressed with this room and love so many of the details. Not the least of which is your little guy’s name. (We have our own Henry, born May 25.) The colors are fabulous, I love all the stripes and the seersucker is pretty much my favorite fabric I’ve seen in a nursery. Wish I’d have thought of that. 😉

    You’ve also really inspired me with that henry art. I actually put up 4 fabric covered canvases and I’m thinking one should say his name (if it happens, I’ll be sure to give you the inspiration credit). And now, I’m pretty sure I need pennants in the room. I have so much fabric that never got turned into pillows and basket liners and more … so that could be perfect.

    Our little guy came four weeks early, so many of the details are still waiting to get completed during his sleeping hours. You’ve really energized me to get those little parts finished. Thank you for sharing!

    • thanks so much kim! i’m complaining about being one week late – i can’t imagine him being here 5 weeks ago! your henry is adorable and oh my gosh his nursery is too! can’t wait to see what finishes touches you have to make. (love the name!)

  7. Love everything about the nursery! Could you share where you got the adorable throw with the h on it? Good luck with your new arrival! 🙂

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  10. Super cute! I wanted to see if you could review the benji chair? I have been looking at several Best chairs. Is yours a recliner? Also do you remember what fabric it is you picked, I love the color and texture! Thanks so much!

    • tiffany, thanks for your comment. i have had several people as me about my glider, so i did update the post thanks to your suggestion. please see the bottom of the post! thank you 🙂

  11. Can u tell me what size font you used from fonts101.com. Im having a hard time getting my sizing right! Thank u.

    • hi, elizabeth. i’m sorry, i don’t have my file anymore to reference. if i remember correctly, it was a pretty large size that almost filled the 8 1/2 x 11 printed paper. it was trial and error.

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