week 39 {maternity book}

week 39

hello, due date. even though i knew the chances of henry coming early were slim (first children are usually not early), i’m still disappointed he’s not here yet, and with the lack of progress seen at doctor appointments. speaking of, i had one this morning…and for the second week, no progress. it doesn’t mean everything, he can still come at any time, but it’s still frustrating. and, due to my doctor’s schedule and my lack of progress, there will be no making henry come until the 26th. as in, 11 days from now. as in, i will give birth to a toddler.



4 thoughts on “week 39 {maternity book}

  1. Looking great Tina! Little Henry will be here before you know it 🙂 Enjoy the last few days of thinking about yourself first because once you have a kid those days are happily over.

  2. Normally I hate to hear that a doctor’s schedule is determining a baby’s birthdate, but in your case, I think it’s a blessing in disguise. Your newborn will hardly be a “toddler,” just perfectly ready to meet the world. As you said, cervical checks before labor begins mean NOTHING. I didn’t want the increased risk of infection (or the disappointment, or the pain) so I didn’t have any checks until I arrived at the hospital with my first pregnancy. Then again, my nurse midwife didn’t even offer — loved her! (It was a little different the second time because I was carrying twins. I consented to the one check at 37 weeks and another at 38 weeks.)

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