happy father’s day!

well i had hopes of making ryan a dad for father’s day, but no such luck. ryan did get lucky and still got the present i had prepared, just in case.

onsie front

personalized back

an adorable personalized cubs onsie (purchased from little ones baby boutique on etsy. tip: definitely size up.) as well as a tour of wrigley field – when henry’s here later this summer. i couldn’t believe it, since ryan’s a big fan, but this is henry’s first cubs gear.

we had a wonderful day (not in labor, ugh) with my parents, brother and our dogs. we  soaked up the sun at the dog beach, lounging, snacking and playing frisbee (and i enjoyed the requisite ice cream), followed by a delicious bbq at our place.


dad and jarrett



even though it wasn’t my day, it was a great one. i loved being able to spend it with my favorite dad – my dad. the only way it would have been better is if henry was here.  i can’t wait to see what a great dad ryan will be though, and next year we will really be celebrating him, too.

hope you had a great weekend!



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