tray refresh

seen in my nursery reveal, i am utilizing a tray on the dresser to corral all the diaper changing supplies and miscellenous baby things.


i found the tray at my local salvation army for a mere $3. the problem was it was dirty, an ugly dark red-brown color and had places for photos – not my style.


after a good cleaning and removing the glass and photo insert, i took care of some scratches and a gap in the corner with some wood filler.

wood filler

after sanding i covered it with a couple light coats of primer followed by a couple light coats of glossy navy blue spray paint (leftover from my dipped leg table).

because the photo insert for the bottom of the tray wasn’t my style, i decided to cover it in leftover orange seersucker fabric. after cutting it slightly larger than the insert, i simply folded and taped the fabric around the insert, making sure to do opposite sides first and pulling taught.

fabric insert

after reassembling the tray i hot glued some felt pieces to the bottom, so it wouldn’t scratch the dresser.


a couple hours after i started i had a handsome tray that fit perfectly into the nursery.


after tray

after fabric


(if you don’t have a tray with an insert on the bottom but you want to use fabric, i suggest either cutting the fabric to the size of the bottom, affix it to the tray and then trim the raw edges with ribbon or cording; or even better, cut the fabric a little larger, and fold and iron the sides to fit perfectly (to hide the raw edges) – then you can cover the fabric with a piece of glass or acrylic to protect it.)

trays are quite popular these days, seen in all rooms of the house. do you utilize a tray for organization – or even just for looks?


yea….6 days past my due date and henry is still comfy in my belly. meanwhile his momma is miserable, and there is no end in sight until tuesday (or until he finally comes out on his own).


5 thoughts on “tray refresh

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  3. I *LOVE* this!! I don’t consider myself crafty but I think I could actually do something like this! And I do like the idea of trays for organization — I just have to be careful where I put them. With 3 little boys (a 3 year old and 14 month old twins), they’re more likely than not to end up on the floor!! But I can save them for a few years from now. In the meantime, I’ll be scouring our Goodwill and Essex bargain hunt stores for trays with “potential.” 🙂

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