my state of mind


also googled:
can you overdose on calamine lotion
can you overdose on hydrocortisone cream

(the above references the pregnancy pupps rash that i developed. i have never itched and been more uncomfortable in my life. i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. as if being a week overdue isn’t enough…)

i think i’m losing my mind, a little bit more every day. also becoming more homicidal – though i’m pretty sure I would get off with only a couple hours of community service in this state.



4 thoughts on “my state of mind

  1. That’s awful! Good news is it usually goes away after delivery and is most common in first pregnancies when mom’s are carrying boys. Most doctors will induce labor if this happens when the mom is full term. Good luck and God bless.

  2. I know this isn’t what you want to hear right now, but it’s true: a “due date” is nothing more than a guess. Forty weeks is just an estimate. You’re not truly post-dates until 42+ weeks. There’s nothing “wrong” with your body or your baby just because you’re still pregnant. BELIEVE ME, I know the end of pregnancy can be miserable — I carried twins to 39 weeks before going into labor spontaneously (and although I didn’t have PUPPS, I had severe itching for other reasons). Try to remember that you WON’T be pregnant forever, and the real work begins once he’s here! Not to mention, artificial induction is usually long (24-48 hours), extra-painful, and has many risks, including greatly increasing your risk of a c-section. And Pitocin is being linked more and more to future health problems, especially for baby boys. I really hope that you go into labor naturally in the next few days. Meanwhile, try to relax as much as possible and enjoy this last time with just you and your husband.

  3. I’m going to commiserate with your rash- since the past the due date thing i so common and being 40+ weeks pregnant is easier (though less exciting) than caring for a newborn. The itching however (I have severe reactions to so many things) is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Hope it resolves itself quickly and that you can enjoy your little guy SOON and in as much comfort as possible!

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