week 40 {maternity book}

week 40

mr. stubborn pants is now 10 days late. however, the doctor’s are finally getting things started late tonight…hopefully tomorrow we will have henry in our arms after a smooth and safe delivery.

my last day as a non-mom so far has been spent sleeping in and taking a long shower – two things i’m sure won’t happen again for a looong time. also on the agenda: a mani and a pedi and finishing one last project for henry (a t-shirt blanket – perhaps that is what he has been waiting for??).

things will probably be a bit light around here for a bit, though i’m sure i won’t be able to resist posting a pic (or a thousand).




4 thoughts on “week 40 {maternity book}

  1. I LOVE how you’re keeping a maternity book! You can always look back and see all the things you’ve craved and how you’ve been feeling that day. šŸ™‚

  2. Your ready, we’re ready, now we just need Henry to be ready! I’m so excited to meet my grandson, to know my daughter’s a Mom (and all is well), and thank God for all his the blessings!!

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