henry james

he’s here, he’s finally here!

henry born

henry james arrived on tuesday, june 26 at 3:40pm. he was 20″ long and 7lbs 13oz (surprising everyone). and he’s perfect.

looking at mom


henry and dad

my short labor story is we arrived at the hospital at 10pm monday night, and my induction finally got started at 1am with what they call a ‘crib’; then they broke my water and started me on pitocin at 8am. i literally cried for the epidural at 10:30 am – and by 11am i was singing the praises of the anesthesiologist (seriously, epidural = greatest invention ever). labor progressed well, until i stopped progressing, leading to a non-emergency c section. it wasn’t what i planned, but all that mattered was it got us our beautiful boy, safely.


nap{my favorite snuggle position}

henry hands

crying{cute even when crying…for now}

he’s everything we always wanted and more, and we couldn’t be more in love.

going home{going home}

car seat

sleeping on dad

catepilar{my little caterpillar}

daddy smiles

first bath{first sponge bath}

he’s now a week old (what?!) and i still can’t believe that he’s mine. can’t believe that this perfect human was in my belly, and made by ryan and i. he was well worth the wait, all 41 1/2 weeks – and my entire lifetime. this past week has been filled with lots of diapers, lots of laundry, lots of feedings and even more snuggles and kisses. he’s really a great baby so far, with minimal crying (when mom doesn’t get him on the milk machines fast enough), is awake quite a lot and has on many occasions let mom have 3-4 straight hours of sleep at night.

henry hair




he’s got the longest fingers and toes, and the perfect head of hair with the cutest little tail at the back. his ears are the cutest and his hand placements and facial expressions are so adorable, i can’t help but take a photo of each pose  – resulting in a few hundred photos his first week. he’s also smiled several times (involuntary, i know) and it’s the greatest thing i’ve ever seen.


sleepers{my boys sleeping on me}

beck has been great overall, i’m so proud of him. we’ve made sure to give him attention, but he is definitely a little jealous and a bit confused. i’m sure they’ll be besties in no time (or when henry starts eating food and giving it to beck).



i’ll be back, but i don’t know how often, and how often it won’t include pics of henry – my life is a little one note right now 🙂  if you want to keep up-to-date (with henry), follow me on instagram (@jstuck), it’s of course well-used.

gotta run, someone needs to be fed, again.



(there was no editing of photos and this post took over 24 hours. i’m not sure where time goes…)

there were photos taken in the hospital, which are adorable, but we have a photo session next week, so we’ll probably  pass on paying the outrageous amount of money for them, but they sure are tempting. here’s a couple if you can see them through the watermark…

photo 1

photo 2

gosh i love him.


6 thoughts on “henry james

  1. oh justine, i’m so happy for you. you sound absolutely thrilled and happy as can be. enjoy every second with little henry. hope you are feeling well and henry is adorable. julie

  2. Henry’s even cuter in person, (if that’s possible – not that I”m biased at all) and he makes the funniest faces! So much expression for such a little guy. You’ve captured some precious moments with Henry.
    I love being a G-ma & it’s only just begun! Thank you Justine & Ryan!!

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