two weeks

my little love nugget is two weeks old today. i can’t believe it, he’s so old already! (*tear*) and getting so big! (check out that double chin!)

two weeks

these past two weeks have been hard and sleep-deprived but special and amazing. being a mom is so wonderful, to look at this special little human and know he’s yours. but it’s also so hard, and you never know how hard until you’re actually doing it. but it’s worth it.

finger hold

here’s a couple things i’ve learned in the past two weeks:

1. having food and presents brought to you is the bomb. that’s nothing new, but just wanted to reiterate. (thanks a million friends and family)

2. this thing is magical.

3. i have never loved my phone so much than when breastfeeding hours a day.

4. people need to update instagram, twitter, facebook and scramble games a lot more often to keep me entertained while breastfeeding hours a day. soooo get on that, mkay?

5. henry has quite a talent for going to the bathroom in the middle of a diaper change and dirtying a diaper right after changing. so far the record is four diapers in about just as many minutes.

born awesome

6. per the above, i have a new understanding of how many diapers you actually go through. we will be soliciting henry’s head shot around for modeling deals to help pay for them (kidding, kind of).

7. holy postpartum hormones. i wasn’t very emotional during pregnancy, but those baby blues sure are (or were) real for me. the moment your husband gives you a hug and tells you that you’re a great mom and you break down sobbing…not expected.

8. henry wakes up to poop, and then goes back to sleep. i find this so amusing. the fact that it in turn wakes me up…not so amusing.

two weeks old

9. being able to watch ellen is such a perk of maternity leave. so i haven’t actually watched many shows yet, but just knowing i have the ability to is awesome. (also: price is right. however, drew is so not as good as bob)

10. nap > showering


11. my child has some lungs on him. literally sounds like he’s being murdered at times. worst. sound. ever.

12. henry likes bathtime! (first real bath today, big day) but hates being naked. hmmm.


13. the moment you realize that your child just wants to cuddle with you is pretty great. (though you usually have to get through intense crying to realize it.)

mommas boy

hope you’re doing well! we’re learning more and more everyday, taking things a day at a time. the days are flying by, so i’m taking a million pictures trying to make time stay still…though i can’t wait to see what’s to come and who henry will be (and to get more sleep).



8 thoughts on “two weeks

  1. 1) we have the same comforter and that makes me feel good about my choice in decorating since your taste is awesome.
    2) I remember that feeling of “I’ve reached the end of Facebook. Why aren’t my friends updating anymore. It’s only 3 am.” πŸ™‚

    Henry is so adorable and you sound like you’re doing great! It just keeps getting better and better!

    • 1. haha. love it! (and thank you)
      2. totally how i feel! i try to space out how often i check it, so i have more to read when i do, haha.

      thanks so much! i may need to ask you for advice at some point…

  2. Omg. I totally get it, especially the Facebook while breastfeeding thing. Doing it right now! Glad to see you’re experiencing the awesomeness of motherhood. Nothing beats it! Wait till he has a blowout all over you while you’re feeding him πŸ™‚

  3. He is beautiful! And you look totally amazing, momma! We have the same star swaddle blanket in blue. It’s the best! I totally understand the endless time on instagram, etc. Have you used Newsify? I discovered it from another blogger yesterday and it’s revolutionized our feedings. I linked up my Google Reader and can easily read and comment on blogs. I love it! Esp. since I hadn’t been to Google Reader since March. Needless to say, it was out of control.

    (Also, I tried to find you on instagram and couldn’t. I’m losing my mind.)

    • yea, so, thanks for making me realize i gave out the wrong instagram name! i’m on it enough you would think i would know it! it’s really @jstuck. and thank you so much πŸ™‚ also, i will check out newsify, i need my blog updates! (the app i had been using stopped loading the text…)

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