personalized flocked art {diy}

sorry for the long absence. i don’t have any excuse except that i honestly don’t know where time goes. i hope to soon have a better handle on time management, but i’m not holding my breath. but here i am, and not with a post about henry. well, i guess in a way it is, because it’s artwork from his nursery, and literally says henry, but he’s not the focus. though i’m sure some people wouldn’t mind if it was.

as seen in his nursery reveal, henry has personalized artwork on his walls, made by moi.

henry art

here’s how i did it!

diy flocked furry art

the supplies i used for this project include a canvas, flocking powder (i bought mine at michaels; it makes for a furry/velvety texture), mod podge, pencil (standard wood one, not a mechanical one as seen below), printout of chosen design (henry) and paintbrush.


first, on the back of my printed design (for the design, the simpler, less detailed the better), i shaded the outline with the side of my pencil.

shade edge

i find doing it against a window is easiest. make sure the lines are well shaded, but you only need to do the outline.

finished shading

i then carefully placed my design on the canvas right-side up and traced the outline with the pencil.


this will result in a light outline of the design on the canvas (although very hard to see below).


then i filled in the design with mod podge, followed by a layer of flocking powder, one letter at a time. then i tapped off the excess.

powder step(remove those lumps seen in the pic above)

after one layer, i saw where i missed spots, and found i didn’t do a thick enough glue layer.

henry first coat

i simply did a second layer right on top, which helped but it still wasn’t completely filled in yet.

henry art

after three it was sufficiently covered. then i used a clean paintbrush to brush away some errant powder to clean up some of the lines.

bam. done.

henry flocked art

this was my first time using flocking powder, and i liked it! it was a quick project (that perhaps would have been quicker if i had done a thicker, more precise layer of glue first, or used a stencil taped down) that resulted in personalized artwork for my little man’s nursery. and because it’s a kid’s space, i think the velvety, furry texture is perfect – it can be fun for him to touch, like the touch and feel books.

velvety texture

henry flocked art


henry art

now i need to figure out what else to do with the rest of my flocking powder. i’m thinking diy cards with some double stick alphabet letters i picked up…

have you used flocking powder before? any suggestions on another project to use it for?



2 thoughts on “personalized flocked art {diy}

  1. I didn’t realize the words were raised. I have never even heard of flocking powder but I love the effect. And the color. Looks awesome. As you know, I totally did something similar in our nursery because I was inspired.

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