picture time

while i was pregnant a groupon popped up for a photographer and i snatched it up, thinking ahead to how i wanted pics of ryan and i with the new baby. flash forward (or backward, now) to when henry was about 2 weeks old and we became models.

sure, i wish i had lost at least as much weight as i have now, and henry didn’t have his baby acne (and while i like the photos i don’t love love them; i’m glad we didn’t pay full price for these), but i am grateful to have documented our new family and how tiny henry was – because several weeks later he has totally changed already.

black and white

family photo






what a cute little family of three are we πŸ™‚

also: ha!


photos by gloss photography studio



5 thoughts on “picture time

  1. Yoh look great. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I look exhausted in Connor’s newborn pictures (HUGE circles under my eyes), but I just remind myself when I look at that them that it is a real life picture of what I really looked like. And even though I’ve since replaced the photo with a picture from his one year shot where I look far thinner and more refreshed, nothing can replace having that picture of me as a new mom and a tiny little guy. Hope you guys are adjusting well and having a great summer. Henry is a handsome fellow!

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