three months!

today henry is three months. three. months. how did this happen?! i can’t believe he’s so old already, but yet it feels like i’ve known him forever, he just fits so perfectly into our life.

being the picture taker i am, i want to chronicle henry’s month milestones. unlike my maternity photos, i want his outfit and location consistent to help see his growth. white onsie and glider it is!

just born

1 month

2 months

3 months

in other news, i’m in my second week back at work. holy suckiness. hardest thing in my life. i have never missed someone so much. seven days in i can’t say that it has gotten easier, but at least i don’t cry multiple times a day, every day anymore. just here and there now. we have a nanny four days a week, and while i like her and i know he’s in good hands, i completely resent her for being there with henry when i’m not. it’s totally irrational but it’s there nonetheless. pumping is not going well at all either, so my heart is breaking that i may not be able to meet the six month minimum breastfeeding mark i wanted to hit. luckily i have a good freezer stash, but he just keeps eating more and more and we’re going through it fast. i could probably go on and on about this, but i’ll stop there for now.

to end on a happy note, i love this guy so much i think my heart may burst. kids rule.



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