weekend recap {bye september}

omg, a weekend recap, what?! it’s true. they are back. just in time for the last weekend of september – hopefully it wasn’t goodbye to the gorgeous weather as well.

whipped cream vodka

beck bagel bone


home store

omg sign

vintage store

wood tables

dinner dates

mac and cheese


henry hood



chicken fingers


whipped cream vodka happened friday night. i’m actually not a fan of actual whipped cream, but i was convinced via a taste test to pick up a bottle. mixed with orange juice it tastes just like a dreamsicle, mmmm. *a morning walk to the bagel store resulted in a special treat for beck. *henry experienced his first festival, the design harvest fest, where we saw pretty homes goods, including handmade wood furniture, and popped into home stores with pretty products and displays. *dinner with two handsome men at the southern, where delicious mac and cheese was enjoyed for an app. *lots of flying, henry’s favorite. and he thinks its funny when he barfs all over me from above. *a cute boy in stripes at brunch on sunday at wishbone, where we went because i had to have their lemon poppyseed pancakes with blueberry sauce. we dined al fresco and it was lovely. *henry’s getting so old, his swing was replaced with a jumparoo. he’s still getting used to it. *one of my favorite dinners, ryan’s homemade chicken fingers with homemade honey mustard that rivals the best at any restaurant. *a sunday night batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. it had been a while, and i missed them. should have made a double batch.

how was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “weekend recap {bye september}

  1. Looks like a great weekend! We’re all very excited to have our 1st baby sitting experience with the little man. Can’t wait!

  2. I’m cracking up about Henry thinking its unny to barf all over you. That’s the same with my Henry. Although our little guy isn’t so sure about flying. Maybe I don’t have a daredevil. 😉

    Love your recap.

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