weekend recap {fall family fun}

fall family fun –Β  i love some alliteration. i also loved this past weekend. we finally had no obligations and planned some good old fashioned family time. after snuggles, naked jumparoo time and whatnot saturday, we hit up a pumpkin farm to take ridiculously cute photos of henry and buy some pumpkins (and we didn’t forget apple cider donuts and a caramel apple, either). then we went to ryan’s favorite place on earth, outback, where we enjoyed too much food while henry enjoyed the coasters. sunday we continued our family fest and enjoyed the gorgeous weather at the zoo. henry basically slept through it, but woke in time to take more ridiculously cute photos. along the way henry enjoyed his first big boy stroller ride and el ride – all while matching his mom in one of her favorite shirts πŸ™‚ (i’m sure he’ll look back and be so embarrassed, but i can’t help myself)





henry and i

Ryan and Henry

ry henry

eating pumpkin

huge pumpkins


eating coaster

happy stroller

stroller feet

weeping willow








what didn’t happen was my to do list. my toilets are disgusting. a casserole didn’t get made. i have a half finished sewing project still sitting there, waiting. but what did happen is what matters. the memories we made.



12 thoughts on “weekend recap {fall family fun}

  1. Your little man is absolutely adorable! Love the one of him with his pumpkin. Mine is going to be a lion this year. He says “rawrrrrr”…. πŸ™‚

  2. He is such a happy little guy! Love all the pictures that look like he is just blissfully joyful. I love all these pictures, and sometimes think that we are living in parallel universes. Babies named Henry. Husbands named Ryan. Living in the lovely state of Illinois. And awesome, obviously. πŸ˜‰ Plus, we both love alliteration.

    Where did you find those IL love you forever shirts? I need them, like something bad.

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