happy halloween

henry pumpkins

pumpkins & henry

(the fingers, hands, everything is always in his mouth now)

lit pumpkins

happy halloween

happy halloween! even though i am not a fan of dressing up, this may be the first year i haven’t (see embarrassing yet awesome past halloween costumes here and here). no matter, my little raccoon would show me up anyway.

hope you have a good one! are you dressing up? or did you also buy your baby a halloween costume,  basically for pictures only?


3 thoughts on “happy halloween

  1. Loved the montage of the past costumes. Hard to believe you don’t like dressing up with all the effort you put into your costumes?? Could Henry be any cuter among the jack-o-lanterns? He steals the show (although nice carving job on the pumpkins). Your Dad actually let Jordan and Jarrett handle most of the carvng of their pumpkins (we had company when they started their masterpieces). It’s hard for him to let go.

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