diy flocked wrapping paper

i had a lot of flocking powder left over from my henry art for the nursery. and i had a shower gift to wrap with not a lot of paper options suitable for a boy shower. so i jazzed up kraft paper with flocking powder for velvety, personalized wrapping paper.

flocked wrapping paper

instead of glue/mod podge i used double-sided alphabet stickers this time.


the hardest part about this project was getting the dang stickers off the roll. once they were placed on the paper, i poured on the flocking powder, making sure the letters were covered and slightly pressed down to adhere. once I tapped off the excess my diy wrapping paper was ready.

before:flocked wrapping paper before


flocked wrapping paper after

velvet letters


the possibilities for wrapping paper designs + flocking powder is endless (names, quotes, stripes, stenciled designs, oh my!) which is good, because i still have tons of flocking powder left over. look for flocking powder projects until 2019…



6 thoughts on “diy flocked wrapping paper

  1. This is such a great idea. I have a huge roll of Kraft paper left over from a party so I was planning to use it for holiday gifts this year. I don’t have flocking powder, but I’m thinking I could try to make some cut outs with my Silhouette for a little pizazz. Thanks for the inspiration.

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