while i had the day off on friday henry accompanied me shopping so he could partake in one of the rituals of childhood – sitting on santa’s lap.  i was definitely more excited than he was, obviously. and while henry hasn’t seemed nervous around strangers, it was around nap time, so i didn’t know what type of photos we would get.  turns out – he nailed it.

Henry and SantaHenry and SantaHenry and Santa

best first santa pictures ever.

also – what a realistic santa, i was impressed. and the beard was real – henry pulled it 😉 (he’s at water tower place for anyone in chicago)


p.s. does anyone else say santa like in the movie elf? every time? because i do. usually just in my head, but sometimes aloud 😉


8 thoughts on “santa!

  1. Hi Justine, I wonder if that little guy could be just a bit cuter. 🙂 I love getting your posts. The Murphy family LOVES Elf. We make it an event to watch it together every Christmas season.
    Love, Wendy

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