things are changing. people (henry) are growing. just wanted to give an update!

1. we now have a sitter. on thanksgiving henry mastered sitting. it still blows my mind every time i see this tiny, adorable human sitting and looking so proud. (and reading – he’s a genius ;))

thanksgiving 038

henry sitting

2. henry now sleeps on his stomach. i think other moms can agree, the first time you find your baby sleeping on their stomach, you have to make sure they’re not dead, which totally happened.

3. baby food is being eaten around here. and he seems to love it. so far i think carrots are his favorite, and he even likes peas (yuck). henry started off as a ridiculously messy eater, grabbing the spoon and preferring to eat off his hands. he’s gotten better recently, with more food going in his tummy than…everywhere else.

messy eater messy eater 2

3. we are moving. well, not yet, technically. but we’ve been house hunting in the suburbs for a couple months, and actually put in an offer on a house, but it hasn’t worked out, yet. i know you’re not supposed to get emotional about a house before it’s yours, but we reeeeeeeeeeallllllllly wanted it, and still do. not enough to overpay for it, but we’re crossing our fingers and toes that the sellers come to their senses about the price and it will eventually it will be ours. or that something even better comes on the market soon. i can’t wait to have a yard, a garage, a basement, s p a c e.

4. after january 8 i will be a full time mom to henry (it feels so good to write that). it’s not for everyone, but being a mom is all i’ve ever wanted to do. and i am so very fortunate to be able to do so, thanks to a husband who works hard and is amazing at his job. i know it will come with its own sets of challenges, but i am so excited. i get to spend every day with this guy, the happiest, best boy in the world:

henry hat happy

so i think that’s it! maybe…yes. for now.



3 thoughts on “ch-ch-changes

  1. Congratulations on becoming a stay at home mom. I know you wanted that. You will love it and be great at it. House hunting is rough. We just did it and it is so hard not o get attached. Hope you get the house!!!

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