hello 2013 & happy anniversary

so nice to see you 2013. and happy 2nd blog anniversary to me!

come on 2013{via}

i’ve had some pretty great years, but i’m going to go out on a limb and say that 2012 was the best yet. we went to canada, found out we were having a boy, created a nursery, welcomed henry james and just had his first christmas. all the other stuff was great too, but really, henry just makes the year, makes it the best year ever (said slowly in a deep baritone).

it’s time for the list of my resolutions/goals of 2013. everyone else is doing it, so why not me?

but first a look back on last year’s and how i did:

1. give birth – well i don’t have a six month old in me, so that was accomplished šŸ˜‰

2. work out – um, no. not the repetitions/sets of 20/go to the gym kind. though i did do lots of walking during maternity leave, which counts, a little.

3. take beck on more walks – hm. while on maternity leave, this happened. but overall, probably not. poor buddy.

4. eat dinner at our new dining room table -yes! every night, except for weekend carryout meals.

5. continue blogging – yes! not as much, and its been mainly pictures of henry since no projects and not a lot of cooking is happening, but that still counts.

the best{via}

onto the goals of 2013:

1. open an etsy shop. i have the name, and the logo is in the works, so now i just have to make some products and do it.

2. update the look of my blog. it’s been two years and it needs a fresh look.

3. buy a house. and once said house is bought, that means projects! and projects means posts!

4. spend less/spend with purpose. i’m a shopper, ok? i admit it. though i am also cheap, with me being a stay-at-home-mom (sahm) now, there is less money to play with. it will be hard once we move and omgigettodecorateandbuynewfurniture! but i need to remember to buy with purpose and not frivolously (including with groceries). though i am not saying that all non-necessity buying will stop – just less šŸ™‚

5. kick ass at the sahm thing. i need to figure out how to balance having fun and just enjoying henry grow with getting things done around the house, blogging and sewing for my etsy shop. and, importantly, being a good wife as well, which adds in another ball into the juggling act. since we’re moving to the burbs and my family will be close, i’m hoping we can take advantage of the free babysitting and get some nights out alone.

of course i have other goals, like figuring out how to get rid of my post-baby muffin top without dieting (and ideally without exercise but we know that’s impossible), eating more vegetables, cooking more, doing more, making friends in the burbs, yada yada, but some things are better left unofficial (i like eating and may never wear a bikini again; veggies are gross, overall; what if i’m a loser and can’t make friends?).

thank you{via}

and on to the second order of business, two years ago today i wrote my first post. time has flown by and things have changed (i’m two years older wiser, new apartment, a baby!), i have changed. even though i have slacked on posts at the end of 2012, i’ve still managed to write 260 posts in the two years (261 with this!). geez, who knew i was such a blabbermouth? and even more surprising, people (you) keep coming to read them, including strangers, which totally baffles me, but makes me quite happy. thank you for reading, from the bottom of my heart. my wish for you for 2013 is health, happiness, pretty sparkly things, lots of dessert with no weight gain…and all that jazz.

do make resolutions or set goals for yourself for the year? do you forget about them one month later but somehow still manage to complete some of them when looking back? šŸ˜‰



One thought on “hello 2013 & happy anniversary

  1. Congrats Tina! You will make plenty of friends in the burbs. I thought the sane thing when we moved. Wait until Henry starts school and you will have plenty of new friends that only want to talk about kid stuff. It is pretty awesome!

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