six months

the day after christmas my sweet boy turned six months.

henry six months

which means in another blink he’ll be a year.

that raising his arms thing for someone to pick him up? ridiculously cute. it melts your heart. and then crushes it when he’s with you and then does it to someone else 😉

now two weeks into his seventh month, he’s been working on his standing skills, and tries to stand everywhere, including the bathtub (danger!). he’s also been working on his sitting up skills – he did it once the other week for me, and then nothing until yesterday while with my mom – twice! i’m impatiently waiting for him to do it again. thank goodness i am officially a stay-at-home-mom so i can be home to witness all the milestones he’s going to have in the next few months. it’s amazing seeing him learn new things right before my eyes.



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