mini heart garland {diy}

sorry for my absence. it’s cold. we’re not doing much around here. no house to move into and do things to. this week all three of us got the stomach flu. and there’s only so many photos of henry i can subject you to.

so with that, i’ve had a hankering to do a craft, and with valentine’s day creeping up,  i’ve seen lots of v-day crafts. i’m not big on decorating for smaller holidays, but i thought a little heart action couldn’t hurt.

mini heart garland diy

i decided to finally replace my christmas wreath with my coffee filter wreath (remember when those diy’s were popular a few years ago? still have it and love it) and make a mini heart garland for it. not wanting to go to the store for anything, i scrounged around my craft supplies for the garland materials. i found:

-a heart paper punch (used for this pinterest inspired heart artwork)
-red cardstock
-a red and pink ombre flocked striped notecard (that i diy’d awhile ago and decided i didn’t like enough to send to anyone)
-“all you need is love” stamp (used for the hotel thank you bags for my wedding)

i punched out a bunch of red hearts…and decided they were a bit…red. i’m not much of a red person.

heart punch

{note to self: love the stripes with the heart punched out. just noticed now}

so i punched hearts out of the front of the flocked note card and loved the striped, furry hearts. then i stamped “all you need is love” on the remaining parts of the note card and cut out hearts with different parts of the phrase on them.


once a bunch of hearts were punched i estimated the amount i would need for my garland, decided the order i wanted them in (mostly random though) and sewed them together. to sew them i pulled the thread so there was a few inch tail at the start and simply sewed through the hearts horizontally, gently pulling the thread about an inch between each heart, and then i left another tail at the end.

in all honestly the hardest part was getting it to lay perfectly on my wreath.

wreath on door

it was fast too. it would have been a naptime project, except this past week my son has decided he will take even shorter naps now, if he naps, so not quite that fast.

mini heart garland

mini heart garland text closeup

mini heart garland

enjoy your day!



2 thoughts on “mini heart garland {diy}

    • thanks, kim. can’t wait to see yours 🙂 and, i think having henry subconsciously helped me get more into the holiday spirit, too. i love decorating eggs, but i’m hoping henry doesn’t make me start putting bunnies around my house for easter too 😉

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