seven months

seven months

henry’s 7 months! (and 1 1/2 weeks now) i know i say this every month, but it goes by so fast and he learns so much. this past  month henry perfected standing, including pulling up to stand and standing at one place and then switching to another nearby place. it’s his favorite thing to do. he would stand morning, noon and night if he could – and tries, with his new “i’m going to stand (and usually cry) instead of sleep” routine. he also started crinkling his nose when he smiles sometimes – heart melting. and let’s see…he also loves eating finger foods. so much that i think he’s getting tired of purees, which is not cool considering i made him a bunch of purees and i’m running out of ideas for soft finger foods. he eats a lots of bananas and sweet potatoes right now.

recently we’ve been practicing crawling. he’s getting there, slowly, i think. his new technique is with one leg up, which is one less up than his previous technique like a monkey. though with all his standing and walking around things, he could still walk before he crawls. so taking his picture is getting harder and harder – this one he tried to both crawl off the chair, and stand up on it. some outtakes:

7 months 7 months 7 months 7 months 7 months

here’s a month-by-month comparison. i love seeing not only how much he physically grows, but how much his hair grows too.

month by month



7 thoughts on “seven months

  1. He’s such a character!! I picked him up recently and he just laid his head on my shoulder for a cuddle. Henry sure knows how to melt someone’s heart. Especially his grandma’s.

  2. This child keeps getting cuter and cuter. His smile is KILLING me. Just adorable. I love to read the recaps cause while some things are totally te same with our Henry’s (standing standing and music table), others are completely different (finger foods). I loe how babies are so different.

    • thanks, kim 🙂 i know, it’s so interesting – i’m obsessed with your weekly posts and seeing other babies pics on instagram to see what might be coming – and how cute they are 🙂

  3. Justine… I am so jealous that you have documented as much as you have. I look at Jack now…4 1/2 years old, and am sad that i haven’t done the same. I am such a slacker when it comes to that stuff. Keep it up time goes by too quickly. Henry is a doll!

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