happy valentine’s day from henry

twice in one day! it’s a record. but i just had an impromptu photo shoot and he’s just so darling so i wanted to share (and me editing so fast is another record). his big blue eyes just melt me. sorry for the henry overload; perhaps i should rename my blog to ‘all henry all the time’.

happy valentine's dayvalentines 13 006 valentines 13 009 valentines 13 021 valentines 13 033 valentines 13 038 valentines 13 048 valentines 13 049 valentines 13 051 valentines 13 056

note to self: next time, make the heart out of a heavy cardboard. also: wear deodorant – holy sweat fest photoshoot with a moving babe (because, um, i’m still in my pj shirt and deodorant isn’t usually applied until i actually get dressed).




6 thoughts on “happy valentine’s day from henry

  1. Henry’s smiling so big it cracks me up. Lovin’ the shirt and those big blues!! XOXO from gam gam.
    (thought I try that one out).

  2. Found my way here thru Schue Love….and I saw that your little one was born at the end of June! My little guy was June 21st! Love seeing what families are up to with little ones the same age!!

    • thanks for visiting, sally! i love that too – hence me following complete strangers via blogs and instagram to see their little cuties! and you have quite the cutie too!

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