henry in motion

first off, happy valentine’s day! it’s kind of a ‘hallmark holiday’ but i can’t complain much about having another reason to celebrate the people i love. i have a dinner date with my two valentines and i’m excited! i also can’t pass up a reason to add to henry’s library and got this book for my mini valentine:

henry in love book

isn’t it so ridiculously cute?!

so! i am having the best time ever with henry. though he is the smiliest boy ever, he definitely has his moments, sometimes refuses naps and has recently perfected his whining. who knew kids started whining so young? he’s also started to get upset when i take something away; i can’t help but laugh (best mom award goes to me, thanks). but even the worst day is worth being home for.

i love sitting back and observing him, seeing him smile to himself while playing with toys, how he eats (and whines when i don’t give him banana fast enough), how he concentrates when trying to do something, his tiny hands manipulating something…i’ve tried taking more videos of him lately – and have probably taken too many now since i don’t even know what to do with 10 videos of him at his music table, 8 of him in his jumparoo, 10 in his bath…you get the picture. also – what should i do with them to save them forever? right now they are just clips on my computer…do i edit and combine them into a ‘yearly’ movie? (that sounds like a lot of time and it might get done when henry’s 20) do i burn them on a dvd? will dvds go the way of vhs tapes?

anyway. here is a video overload of life with henry lately, including him showing off his new moves of crawling! it’s not full blown crawling-around-the-house style  yet, but just in the last couple days he started to crawl/scoot around without us prompting him too. it’s just a matter of time before i can’t sit down again. he also usually crawls on one knee and one foot, and combo crawl/scoot and it’s so cute (of course).

any plans for valentine’s day? or are you in the ‘it’s just a hallmark holiday’ camp?



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