pinterest challenge {i’m baaaaaack}


last week another pinterest challenge was thrown down by several blogs i follow, young house love, bower power and, this time around, decor and the dog. i missed the last two challenges and i figured henry wasn’t cutting it as much of an excuse anymore, eight months later. so i was determined to do something, anything to get back in the creative saddle. and that something had to be quick, as henry’s naps are marginal and now he doesn’t stay where i put him. the nerve.

after i picked out my pinspiration, i cruised over to joann fabrics for supplies for my project and…the city of chicago doesn’t allow what i needed to be sold, which was glass etching cream. now let me go off on a tangent here for a sec, and say chicago: screw you! i knew you banned spray paint – lot of good that’s done. and now glass etching cream? is there a gang movement of etching windows that i haven’t heard about? how am i supposed to get my craft on?! i can’t wait till i move to the burbs. {end rant}

so i had to find a plan b, with little time to spare as the little monster back home (i was out of the house, alone!) needed to eat soon. and this pin was it, a super easy but pretty wood bead necklace from one of the hosts of the challenge, decor and the dog. i bought the beads (now that i’m looking back at hers, her beads were bigger. i may like the bigger beads better. can’t decide) and black ribbon (black is my go-to color), both with 40% off coupons, of course, so this project was also cheap. during henry’s short naptime i got to work, and finished!

wooden bead necklace

i followed the super simple steps from decor and the dog, but complicated it by ‘dipping’ my beads in gold (because i’m a sucker for gold + black). so instead of a 5 minute project it was about 15 minutes. 15 minutes for a project i can do.

wood bead necklace supplies

in my craft supplies i had three options for gold, shown in the image above (two acrylic paints and rub ‘n buff) – and surprise, surprise, rub ‘n buff won out. because it’s the best ever.

to ‘dip’ (and by dip i mean paint with a brush) my beads i took a piece of painters tape (ripped in half lengthwise since my beads were small enough) and placed it around the bead a little more than halfway down, rubbing the edges of the tape with a credit card to seal tightly. to create a stand to dry i nipped the tape on the bottom in four places. then i painted on the rub ‘n buff and let dry on the stand stuck to a paper plate.Β  (and because i used rub ‘n buff, i had to do the ‘buff’ part of the name and buffed the beads once dry. if you use paint there’s no buffing needed.)

tape stand

gold beads

string them on the ribbon, tie a knot, tie a bow, and done!

wooden bead necklace

wooden bead necklace

wooden bead necklace

i do recommend lightly singeing the ends of the ribbon over a candle to seal the ribbon so it doesn’t fray. so maybe 15 minutes and 15 seconds is more accurate πŸ™‚


one problem with the rub ‘n buff on the beads: henry wants to eat them. and that is a no. could have guessed that…

henry eat necklace

and surprise, surprise, i actually got another project done too! a super simple and quick sewing project (because as i said before, quick is the name of the game nowadays). i was going to do a two-in-one post, but the two projects are not relevant to the other, you only have so long of an attention span, and these days i need as much blog content as i can get πŸ™‚ so i will see you again soon, really. not to mention someone turned eight months yesterday (what?!), so there’s that post as well.

did you accept the pinterest challenge? maybe for the next one i’ll get my hands on glass etching cream and do my plan a. or maybe before…

my past pinterest challenges: lyrics art, heart art, moss monogram wreath



17 thoughts on “pinterest challenge {i’m baaaaaack}

    • thanks! my henry is the same, i call them crack necklaces because he’s so obsessed with them. unfortunately i have to save this necklace for when i’m not around him, which is never, haha.

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