weekend recap {cousins}

i kind of lied. this isn’t really a weekend recap. mainly because i didn’t take pictures of anything but cute kids. so it was more an excuse to post the pictures of the cute kids. i hope you’ll forgive me?

driver cousins 022 cousins 041 cousins 033 cousins 025 oops cousins 003 cousins 013 sleeping trains otto photo 2 photo 4



photo 1 cous three double

the kids are, of course henry, and my two cute nephews that we got to spend the whole weekend with while we were in st. louis. i had low expectations for the car ride with henry since he doesn’t even like a ten minute drive to the store, let alone five hours in the car, but he ended up being amazing on the way there and pretty darn good on the way home. henry and otto are less than four months apart and will be the best buddies in the future, i can’t wait. also? getting three kids, two of which don’t really understand the words coming out of your mouth, to look at the camera (let alone smile) at the same time is next to impossible. but i do love a good outtake (note my kid causes most).

how was your weekend?




3 thoughts on “weekend recap {cousins}

  1. Adorable! Every one of them!! It looks like Otto’s quite the smiler as well. Can’t wait to meet that littlest Conroy one of these days!

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