some news

hello! just thought i would give you a couple updates on our little ole lives and some news.

1. i almost forgot about easter. easter with a kid = easter basket! and an adorable outfit! don’t worry, i’ve since made up for that and have procured an outfit, some basket goodies and basket (and let’s forget about the basket liner that i tried to make myself – fail. ordered the whole kit and caboodle from pottery barn kids after that one.) also – it appears kids go see the easter bunny? like santa clause? i don’t know if that will happen this year, but at least i know about it now.

2. henry has a tooth! it hasn’t fully come in yet, but it’s broken through the gum. i know some kids get them at like four months (my nephew, otto, i’m looking at you), but that seems like grown up stuff. he’s getting so old *sniff sniff*

3. we bought a house this weekend. bam. yes! well, technically not yet, but a deal was made and now we need to do an inspection and just wait until may 10 when it’s ours (crossing fingers, don’t want to jinx it).

new house

it’s not perfect, i don’t think any house is (and believe me, we looked at toooons of houses), but hopefully it will be perfect for us once we make the changes we want to (we actually looked at this one a month ago and i didn’t like it. i came around though at the second showing). yes, that means there will be before and afters – can’t wait! including putting up walls, which is pretty unusual these days. we’re very excited, but it’s also kind of overwhelming. it’s a big house, which means lots of decisions, and we all know i hate making decisions.  once we own it i will give you a tour of the ‘before’.

pretty big news, huh? after house hunting for six months, i am so glad i never have to look at another house (and be disappointed, and then stressed out that it’s getting closer to ‘go’ time) again in the foreseeable future. now we will be busy packing and trying to put together our plan of attack for pre-move-in renovations.

how was your weekend? do anything big like buy a house? did you drink any green beer?



7 thoughts on “some news

  1. OMGeee!!! The house is gorgeous, im slightly jealous 🙂 We’ve been doing home renovations for what seems like forever. Its exciting yet tedious. So glad Henry finally got a tooth. My son Carson got his first at 4 months also and has 6 now. The other night he bit my finger so hard it was swollen…(he likes to eat paper which I then have to fish out of his mouth, thus the clamp down on my finger). Can’t wait to see the “before” house tour!

    • thanks so much carrie! we will be having our first real experience with home renovation, i’m sure we’ll find it to not go as fast as we would like, especially because i’m so impatient!

      i can’t believe a tooth is finally here – after thinking he’s been teething for so long. not excited to feel it though.

  2. I just went through your maternity book (I love the idea!). It’s so wonderful to see Henry as a little bean in your belly 2 Christmases ago and now he’s such a big boy with a TOOTH! Time flies, eh? Congratulations on your handsome little guy and your future new house! All the best

    • thanks! time flies ridiculously fast. i was just thinking back to last st. patrick’s day when i was huge and it was hot out, and this year i have a 8 1/2 month old with a tooth (and it was freezing!)

  3. Yay congrats on the almost house! It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do. We’re about to put ours on the market to upgrade, not looking forward to that at all, but your first house? So exciting!

    • thank you so much! we got this one in hopes we won’t need to upgrade, because moving sucks, but after we get a few kids and they grow…we are excited!

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