easter is coming

even though it feels like december out, easter is getting close. as i mentioned last post (thank you everyone for kind words and sharing our excitement), i almost forgot about easter. that henry needed something dapper to wear and i needed to become the easter bunny and put together a basket for henry. once i remembered, i ‘hopped’ to it. here’s some things i’ve  purchased or think would be great for the day.

easter stuff

1. bow tie: bow ties on babies are ridiculously cute, and easter is a great reason to wear one. i love the colors of this one, though i actually picked up two from target in the dollar section, a yellow plaid and aqua plaid (i didn’t know what he was wearing yet so i spent a whole $2 to be safe).

2. chambray shirt: dressy enough for easter, but casual enough to wear again. and so on trend.  i wanted this the moment i saw it, and the next day a 40% off coupon appeared in my inbox, score.

3. green pants: omg i die for these pants. the color is a perfect spring green. i haven’t bought them yet, but really want to.

4. basket: so i bought a basket and attempted to make the liner, but it went wrong somewhere. i ended up springing for this one (though in white, because that’s all the had left) and the liner to make up for my failure. it was a splurge, but after all, he will use this basket for the next…10 years? more?

5. pajamas: kids always need pajamas, and holidays are a good excuse to stock up. costco has some hanna andersson pjs right now (for $12!) and i picked up a pair similar to these.

6. mega bloks farm pals: so there’s no bunny in this farm animal mix (though there is a duck?), but henry loves when things are stacked (to knock them over) and i think he would love chewing on these too.

7. peek n peep eggs: i haven’t bought these yet, but how cute! i think henry would enjoy eating these now, and matching them later.

8. bubbles: if it ever gets warm out, i think henry will be mesmerized by bubbles that i grabbed while i was browsing target (like i do, um, twice a week).

9. puffs: every basket needs a treat and since henry won’t be enjoying chocolate bunnies or peeps, i’ll add in one of his favorite snacks.

10. peter rabbit peekaboo: you can never have enough books, and every holiday is an excuse for another.

i was also thinking of getting henry a ‘bigger’ toy, something he’ll love and use for a while, like maybe a ball popper, this fun car with lots of toys to crawl around with and eat or a sturdier walker since he can’t go two feet in a straight line with the one he has now. i just don’t know, i can’t make up my mind, as usual. of course he’ll only be 9 months old (in five days!) and won’t know the difference, but i still want to make it special and enjoy the day with his special basket of fun.

do you have your easter basket(s) all ready? any suggestions for a 9 month old? and what is with this weather??



8 thoughts on “easter is coming

  1. Suuper cute! I got those eggs(or similar ones) for Katie as well as some Target bubbles! I already opened the bubbles, though, and we’ve been playing with those in the house. I’m also planning on making a liner for a little metal basket I got from the Target dollar spot, but we’ll see 1-if that happens and 2-if I can make it work.

    Love the now tie!

  2. I have those green pants in bright blue, and my son recently out grew them and i was so sad! They are so soft and fit great for skinny boys(hello adjustable waistband). I need to make the 3 hour trip to H&M for another pair :). That chambray shirt is great, too

  3. I totally sprang for the PB basket too and rationalized it the same way. I mean, my mom still fills ours up so that’s like 30 years of use! 🙂 Hudson got the little cheepers from Grandpa and Hudson loves it. We have books, sippy cups and some fun little toys going in our basket

  4. This is all adorable. And I totally picked out a similar outfit for Henry’s Easter outfit. Haven’t bought anything yet, though. Because we wouldn’t want to rush into this.

    Those Easter eggs? TOO COOL. I picked up a few small books that can go in the bathtub and a ukulele that I couldn’t pass up. He loves Ryan’s guitar so I hope he likes it.

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