weekend recap

howdy! this post is a tad overdue. but since i actually did things, and took some pics, might as well still post.

friday we had our home inspection, which went well overall, no major issues, yay. saturday morning i attended a gorge baby shower of a friend (complete with a headband making station, candy station, chevron, ombre ruffles and stripey straws), and followed that up with my cousin’s wedding that night (when we had our first non-family babysitter. it went really well, henry was in good hands, but the price? geez. i don’t know how people ever go out without family nearby). let’s just say i had too much fun (why can’t babies understand hangovers and sleep in?). sunday i was in recovery mode, and henry enjoyed his bath with alllll his toys. and even though monday is not technically part of the weekend, or not even remotely close to being included in the weekend, i’m including some pics from our play date at the children’s museum, because they’re cute (the kids).

houseombre rufflescandyombre cakeflowersfriendsfishyfamily pic

with henry{henry makes me laugh in this one}

bride and groomcake smash

girlsryan and isisterssisters{when sisters get your phone}

bath nightlainey and henrykids museum

how’s was your weekend? only a couple days away from this easter weekend, when it might actually not be freezing – imagine that in march.



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