weekend recap {easter}

the weather this past weekend was gloriously spring-like, finally, though it was just a tease apparently. we had some park fun to enjoy the weather, i made some easter treats and of course celebrated easter on sunday. easter was so much fun, and i can only imagine how much more fun it will be as he gets older. in the morning i set out the eggs i filled the night before (puffs, cheerios, raisins and a special few with a lucky charm marshmallow) and his basket for the ‘hunt’ (term very loosely used) and it was just so fun watching him ‘find’ the eggs, and pick out the treats inside  with his tiny little fingers. and when i pointed out his basket he went right for it, beelining for the container of puffs. he also seems to love the new toy i got him (zany zoo), which is validating since i thought about buying it for him for so long. while he liked the blown bubbles, he much preferred eating the bottle (of course). that afternoon we headed to my aunt and uncle’s house, where we simply enjoyed each others company and a delicious dinner. monday henry and i had a pajama day, and i think it’s the new tradition for the day after a holiday.




eggseaster 2013 003 easter 2013 001 egg

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henry easter 2013 050 easter 2013 054 easter 2013 061_crop edit easter 2013 064 easter 2013 072easter 2013 075 easter 2013 096 easter 2013 098 photo 5 photo-4

i’m seriously obsessed with those green pants (they are not the h&m ones from my easter prep post, but i actually bought these a while ago from old navy for the early summer, and sewed a couple darts in the waist so they would fit him. i didn’t forget about them per se, just the color i had bought them in; i was pleasantly surprised). he also wore ‘big kid’ pajamas for the first time over the weekend, and gosh, he just seems so old now.  it’s funny how something like pajamas can take your breath away because you see not your little baby but a little boy.

it was a lovely and magical easter. how was yours?


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