nine months

my tiny man turned three quarters of a year last week!

9 months

though he can be…difficult at times (what baby isn’t?), he is so funny, so spunky, so sweet. i wish i could bottle up his laughter, and do anything to make him laugh. he is such a light in our life. it’s hard to believe he’s already nine months, but it also feels like i’ve known him forever, so i can’t believe he’s only nine months at times.

he’s totally on the move, crawling like a little speed demon and using everything as a push toy. i love when he crawls over to his walker, stands right up and starts cruising around (though he doesn’t get very far without running into something and getting stuck). his bajillion toys are no longer good enough and he would rather play with everything he shouldn’t. if he does care to play with his toys, it looks like a tornado came through, as he has to play with all the toys since each only holds his attention for 30 seconds or less. he also doesn’t like daddy to work, crawling into his office and distracting him only like 50 times a day. oh, and he finally got a tooth! the first, the bottom middle right at 8 1/2 months, and then the second bottom middle followed the next week. i thought i would miss his gummy smile, but the two tiny teeth are just so adorable.

holy moly i have to start planning his first birthday soon!

month by month

just some outtakes…quite the silly boy!

nine months 006 nine months 007 nine months 012 nine months 014 nine months 017 nine months 018{he would go head first off that thing (and has the bed, ouch) if i didn’t stop him. he has no fear yet, unfortunately.}

have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “nine months

  1. His hair just slays me. Do you cut it or is it just perfect like that naturally? Henry still has little hair so I’m interested.

    Our little Hs are so much alike. The daredevil comment is something I can so relate to. Along with wanting to play with anything he’s not supposed to and the attraction of the laptop. I can’t even have it on near him. Which is for the best anyhow. I spend enough time on the computer anyhow, I suppose.

    Anyhow, he’s as cute as always. Happy 9 months, momma.

    • thanks, kim!

      i have not cut his hair yet – though it is starting to get long around the ears. i do brush it over after his bath, and throughout the day (with my hand). i need to get baby hair gel though (do they even make that??)

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