life lately

sorry for the radio silence. life’s just been happening. nothing special, nothing big, just regular old life. hanging out with my favorite men every day. some days are easier than others, some can be quite long. especially with this weather – what is up, mother nature?? the few nice days we have had we hit the park hard (lots of swinging pics). beck has been playing with henry more, and my heart bursts a little bit every time i hear henry squeal in delight while playing with him. i have also discovered the amazing world of kid’s tv shows – i don’t know what it is with them, but if i need henry to not come chasing me for five minutes, or to sit still while i trim his nails, or not throw a tantrum while i change his diaper – put on some sesame street, yo gabba or curious george and he is in a trance. call me a bad mom, whatever, i know he’s not supposed to watch tv, but for goodness sakes, sometimes i just want to make his dinner with more than one arm or without him dumping beck’s water bowl. things are moving forward with our new house, though the sellers just delayed closing by two weeks, which is now the end of may. that’s annoying since we wanted to get a few projects done there first before moving in (like restaining the floors, scraping the ceilings and painting), and now not everything will be able to get done probably.  so furniture – like the new couch we ordered (yay) – will have to be moved/covered now, ugh. but i hope to share some pics of the new digs in the upcoming weeks – so stayed tuned!

here’s just some pics from my phone and my big girl camera, when i actually pick it up (and when we actually have some sun) – aka a photo dump.

photo 2 park stroller selfie lifting weights belly{that belly} eating stick swinging swing smile car smile handsome henry beck henry lens cap tv time bath couch{our new couch, though different fabric. though i keep second guessing myself. i can’t make a decision to save my life.) kleenex{caught!} dirt driving cappy swing playing with beck helping tp



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