weekend recap

it is finally spring here! hallelujah. it makes the weekend even more enjoyable. we took advantage of the weather with a picnic in a park (henry’s first!) with some friends and delicious tacos from big star (and henry seemed to prefer sticks…and his sweet potatoes covered in dirt). but not before meeting our friends’ beautiful, new baby girl, maron (and henry’s future wife – perfectly, exactly 10 months younger).  not much else to report, except some shopping for summer clothes for henry, lots of walks in the gorgeousness and bubble blowing when henry demands it. and! i started a project, an actual project! it is looking soooooooo good and i can’t wait to show you the results.

weekend recap (1) weekend recap (3) weekend recap weekend recap (2) weekend recap (4)photo 1 photo 2 stick 2 stick ry henry photo 5 photo 3 photo 4 april 073_edit_b&W_small

seriously – how adorable is maron? even though henry was born only 10 short months ago, i forgot how teeny tiny newborns are. even their cries are tiny and cute (now? not. so. much.). how was yours?



4 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. That suspender outfit is killer. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of buying those shorts. You may have just put me over the edge.

    All of these pictures are awesome. And that baby? Ugh. I’ve seen two teeny tiny fresh babies in the last week and wow, I can hardly believe my boy was that little.

    • i was thisclose to not buying the shorts – i mean, suspenders? a little much? but i think they’re perfect for a photo for his first birthday party, and, he’s already worn them with just a t-shirt and they’re ridiculously adorable. i imagine lots of wear, so you should definitely buy them 🙂 i do find h&m to be crazy big though…the shorts are size 4-6 months! he is skinny, but still.

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