ten months

ten. months. old. w.t.f.

10 months

on one hand, i hate that time is going so fast, that i don’t have the power to slow it down, for more time to savor my little baby that is growing into a not-so-little baby every day. but on the other hand, it is so exciting to see him grow every day, to see him learn every day. and i also love seeing his personality come out more and more. he’s so sweet. so funny. so weird. a little rebellious.  so henry.

this month has brought a lot of noise. banging. shaking. talking. yelling. but by far my favorite new skill is henry saying “mamama” (or “momomom”?) and “dadada”. he said momma first (because he is a momma’s boy after all) and dada followed. he doesn’t say them in reference to us yet, but it does make your heart burst when you hear it. though sometimes he says “momomom” in a tone and volume that doesn’t not sound like a good thing, then next he says “dadada” in the sweetest, softest, littlest voice and for sure, then, i know he’s saying my name as a bad word.

month by month



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