weekend recap

this past weekend ryan’s mom was in town visiting, so we hit up ikea (so much great stuff there right now…i need my new house to put things in!), the zoo, and a great italian place for dinner, and of course she got her share of henry cuddles in and watched him practice walking (i think he made it up to five quick steps!).

walk swing tunnel ikea2 ikea april 123 april 116 dessert april 125

sunday i met up with my mom’s side of the family to make droby, a family slovak recipe of potato sausage, that my grandpa used to make. we made a double batch since it’s so much work, and there was several people to split it between. it was epic – 40 pounds of potatoes (that were peeled for an hour straight between four people) + 8 pounds of bacon + pork shoulder + onions. it all had to be ground together and mixed, then stuffed into casings (plus cooking). leave it to the men on hand to turn the hand crank grinder into electric with the help of a drill – probably saved us hours and bicep muscles.

potatoes photo 3 stuffing is funny droby making droby done

that night henry had his leftover pasta, and let’s just say while he loved (like can’t stop laughing loved) making a huge mess, and it was adorable, he won’t be having spaghetti often because no thanks on the clean-up.

spaghetti face 2 spaghetti face april 132

(all pictures unedited, as much as it pains me, since i’m trying to squeeze in a quick pinterest challenge project due wednesday).

did you have a good one? can you believe it’s may already?



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