home sweet home…?




well, we are home. in our new home. it’s not so sweet yet though. which i’m sure is pretty typical of a move. leading up to the move was non-stop chaos. this past weekend after our closing was non-stop chaos as we tried to get things done like fix ugly paint treatments (plaster on the wall, not just sponge paint? thanks a bunch), paint and build a wall. all while staying at my parents, going back and forth to our house and having most our stuff in the city. moving day today was non-stop chaos, especially when all our stuff did not fit in the frickin moving truck! so yea, there’s that. we have to go all the way back downtown tomorrow with two cars to hopefully get the rest. meanwhile i have never been so tired in my life, so i’m laying in bed (on the floor) writing this, staring at the mess around me, not knowing where my clothes are, where my bath towel is, where henry’s diapers are…instead of organizing and trying to find things that i may need soon, unless i want to be a dirty, naked mom with a diaper-less baby. seriously, this place is chaos.

i will be here trying to make sense of this place and all our stuff, for like, ever. which is made even harder when i can’t move anything into the first floor except the kitchen and laundry room since we are getting our floors redone next week, and god forbid we have to move things twice in less than two weeks.

someday i will share the rest of the house as promised, too. and plan henry’s party. and paint this entire house.

moving sucks,

edit: how could I forget? a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge (huge) shout out to my parents who are the best parents ever and help moving and renovations not be so sucky by doing tons of work (building a wall, drywalling, mudding, sanding, painting), cooking us dinner (and breakfast, and lunch) and most importantly, taking care of our little man henry.


7 thoughts on “home sweet home…?

  1. Yes, your parents and family are a gift to help you out! Congratulations! Now making the house a home gives one character knowing in the end all will be well! Life is full of adventure full of crying, excitement and laughing and knowing in the end all is well. I bet Beck loves the yard. Just think Jim, Ryan, Sarah and I moved from St Louis 1983 to Iowa, 1985 to Minnesota, 1986 to Michigan, 1987 to a house we built in Michigan, 1990 to Chicago. Plus a runaway dog! Memories! God Bless You All in this time!
    Love You All, Mom

  2. Moving totally sucks, but once you’re settled in it will be all worth it. I forsee some Lony-esque decorating in your future? I will be so jealous 🙂

    On a side note, my husband is attending a work conference in Chicago June 10-13th and Carson and I are going too. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for awesome places to eat (that you just cant come to Chicago and not go to) and any good kid friendly activities/places for Carson and I to do. Hope you don’t think this is weird, seeing as how you only know me from IG. I’ve only been to Chicago once and it was very brief. Much appreciated!!


    • carrie, no problem, and not weird! 🙂 how fun for you, chicago is a great city. as for food, there’s so much…definitely get some deep dish pizza (Lou Malnatis or Giordanos or anywhere really), Portillo’s is amazing casual food, good for lunch (their Italian beef is my favorite, and everyone loves their burgers and hot dogs)…I’ve heard amazing things about Purple Pig though I’ve never been myself. Quartinos is a good small plate Italian spot on State street that I’ve always liked, not too $$. Where are you staying? I guess a lot depends on that. Oh, and get some Garrett’s popcorn! Its amazing, especially the caramel corn. Definitely hit the beach if it’s warm, Carson would love it. Lincoln Park Zoo is good for kids, and it’s free. Navy Pier might be a bit old for Carson, but maybe they have a kids museum? Can’t remember. Millennium Park has a fun water feature, if you don’t mind Carson (and you) getting wet. And of course the shopping is good! H&M and Zara on Michigan ave have cute baby clothes. Have fun, let me know how it goes!

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