eleven months

i’m a bit behind, house projects are taking over my life, trying to get them done before the big birthday party! because it’s only two weeks away (and only 2 1/2 until he’s one. one. one.), and i am seriously stressed about what there is to do. painting our entire staircase railing may have just been added to the list.  but i did manage to get in a quick (like, 3 minutes until he wouldn’t stay on the chair) photo shoot to capture his 11 month-ness – in our new house, which has much better natural light, thank goodness.

11 months

holy cow with the putting things in and taking them out of things – it’s all the time. and i will find random things places, like a coaster in our laundry basket (or in the wash machine after i washed it), it’s quite cute. though he does it with his food too – mealtime can be interesting, such as this morning when he fished out my honeycombs cereal out of my bowl as i was eating it, put it on a (dirty) rubbermaid container we were temporarily using as a tabletop, put it back in my bowl, then put it in his mouth. quite the journey that little honeycomb took.

and the walking! oh my goodness, he is getting so good, like at least 10 feet good. he is walking all over the place, and so proud of it. his method of transportation is still crawling, but he usually starts walking and switches to crawling when he falls. lately he’s started to stand up and continue walking after falling, so me thinks he may officially be a ‘walker’ soon. my baby is growing up!

month by month



2 thoughts on “eleven months

  1. Oh my word, he is so handsome! Love it! And I’m so impressed you can capture him sitting still on a chair. My little wiggler moves faster than the speed of light. I’m sure you are just much better with the camera than I.

    Happy 11 months!

    • what you don’t see is me sitting him down, rushing to my spot, doing everything i can to make him look at me and smile while i try to take an in-focus picture, then run to him as he is about to crawl off the chair 🙂

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