welcome to our new house {part two}

sorry to leave you hanging, here is the rest of our house tour!

first let’s take  a trip to the basement, aka future man land.

basementto the right of the stairs when you walk down is the sitting area with a built-in tv cabinet.

basementbeyond that is some space, with a built-in mini fridge opening in the wall, which is…interesting.

basementfollowed by the pool table, that we got included in the deal, fulfilling ryan’s dream of becoming a pool shark. there’s another wall opening, perhaps for a speaker? beyond the pool table is a built-in unit with cd holders (ok…) and yet another opening (on the left) for a speaker. seriously, cool it with the openings, mkay? the doors in the middle open for access to the crawl space storage area (creepy, i will not be going in there. but at least it’s cemented.)

pool tablecoming around the circle is just some more space, probably to be used for ryan’s weights, followed by a bathroom with shower. (oh look, another speaker built into the wall, just noticed that). the door in the first pic below is to the water heater, furnace, etc, and the bathroom is next to the that exercise machine contraption on the right.

basement left of stairs_before basementthe rest of the tour continues two floors up, on the second floor. there’s hardwoods upstairs, which is great (though i need to buy lots of area rugs). some day we hope to restain the floors to match the new color of the rest of the house.

upstairs hallthe first room on the left is our master bedroom. it’s huge. i’m still not used to the size, actually having room to walk around the bed without bumping into something. the room needs paint, a rug, a headboard (planning on diying), new, larger nightstands, dressers, drapes, probably new bedding…so everything.

master_before master bedthere is an attached master bath, which is awesome. and has double sinks, which is also awesome. but everything needs updating, from the lights to the tile to counter top and fixtures. so someday we’ll be redoing it, hopefully creating a larger shower and getting rid of the jacuzzi tub (does anyone use those anymore? grossness. at least it seems pretty clean.)

master bath entry_before master bath_vanity_before master bath_to vanity_beforenext to the shower is a teeny tiny toilet room. master bathaccessed from the master bath is the walk-in closet. it’s great that it’s a walk-in, and it’s a decent size, though it was one of the smaller ones we saw, and could use a much better closet system.

master closetmoving down the hall, the kids’/guest bath is next to the master. again, pretty standard stuff that needs updating. love the natural light in here from the skylight.

kid bath_before kid bathacross the hall is the second bedroom, which is now henry’s room. the two-tone walls are not my thing, so those are in the process of getting painted. it has a great-sized walk-in closet. but that ceiling fan – ugh. this house was built only 12 years ago and yet it looks like it’s from the 80’s.

first bed 2_before henry's room next to this room is the next bedroom, the future nursery. pretty similar to the first bedroom, but a slightly darker blue. again, needs paint, new fan. this closet is a standard closet size, which is why it became the nursery (babies don’t need huge closets with potential to become a hideaway spot).

second bed_before second beddown the hallway (with more great natural light thanks to a southern facing window) is a good-sized linen closet.

hallwayfollowed by the final bedroom, which has more of the awesome natural light and a huge walk-in closet (and the same ugly fan). for now this will be used as a guest bedroom and my workspace, with hopefully a paint job in the future.

third bed_before guest bedso that’s it! it’s a lot of house, so much more space than we’re used to (with a yard! and a garage!) and i’m grateful for it. but i’m also a tad overwhelmed with the amount of decorating and painting (i will never. be. done.) and decisions that have to be made. oh, and the cleaning. i am not looking forward to cleaning four toilets. but so far i am loving being here! it’s starting to feel like home, being here with my three boys and making the space our own. i can’t wait to share our progress so far! (you know, when i have time when i’m not painting or with henry or painting or organizing or painting or planning henry’s party).



5 thoughts on “welcome to our new house {part two}

  1. That “closet system” literally made me laugh out loud. The house looks awesome and I cant wait to see what you do with it! And Im totally jealous of the already finished basement–that one of our “to do” projects, minus all the weird cubby holes. Whats with that?


    Ps. I’ve always wanted to live in Chicago and the few days there reignited my desire to want to pack up and move. And actually the hubby did think it would be great to live there. So who knows, maybe one day I will convince him to move 🙂

    • thanks, carrie. yes, some of their choices have been questionable, including the ‘closet system’ (who has that chintzy of a system in a house like this?), the basement cubby holes and their wall treatments. but at least the bones are good!

      chicago is an awesome city, which you found out – i highly recommend it 🙂 in particular, the geneva suburb is great 🙂

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